Ahmad Zareei

Postdoc @Harvard SEAS, Ph.D. @UC Berkeley

Email: first_name at g dot harvard dot edu

I am currently postdoctoral fellow in Applied Mathematics in School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University working jointly with Professors Katia Bertoldi and Ariel Amir.

I got my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley. I was advised by Professor M. Reza Alam in TAF Lab at UC Berkeley. My Ph.D. research was mainly focused on nonlinear wave dynamics and it was funded in part by National Science Foundation. I was PI for Berkeley Fluids Seminar from 2015-2018. I got my M.A. in Applied Mathematics at UC Berkeley under supervision of Prof. Jon Wilkening. In my master thesis, I found a transformation that maps hydrodynamics Euler’s equations to the Schr"odinger equation. This transformation helps understanding the recent quantum hydrodynamic analog experiments. Prior to my graduate studies, I got my B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and in Physics from Sharif University of Technology in 2013. During my undergrad, I worked with Prof. Mir A. Jalali on Simulation of perturbed stellar systems using CUDA programming. You can find my mathematical genealogy in here.

Incompressible, inviscid Navier-Stokes equation solved with black tracers;
initial velocity field is optimized such that the initial pattern of my first name transforms
to the my last name ZAREEI. The optimization is done using automatic
differentiation. You can find the code in my github.


Jan 28, 2021 Our manuscript was selected as Editorial Suggestion in Physical Review Letters.
Jan 25, 2021 Our manuscript on “Harnessing mechanical deformation to reduce spherical aberration in soft lenses” was accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters.
Dec 12, 2020 The new webpage is launched.

selected publications

  1. PRL
    Harnessing mechanical deformation to reduce spherical aberration in soft lenses
    Zareei, Ahmad, Medina, Eder, and Bertoldi, Katia
    Physical Review Letters 2021
  2. PNAS
    Harnessing transition waves to realize deployable structures
    Zareei, Ahmad, Deng, Bolei, and Bertoldi, Katia
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2020
  3. JFM
    Cloaking in shallow-water waves via nonlinear medium transformation
    Zareei, Ahmad, and Alam, Mohammad-Reza
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2015
  4. PRE
    Broadband cloaking of flexural waves
    Zareei, Ahmad, and Alam, Mohammad-Reza
    Physical Review E 2017
  5. PRL
    Experimental demonstration of an ultrabroadband nonlinear cloak for flexural waves
    Darabi, Amir, Zareei, Ahmad, Alam, M-Reza, and Leamy, Michael J
    Physical review letters 2018