Berkeley Fluids Seminar

University of California, Berkeley

Bring your lunch and enjoy learning about fluids!

Fall 2018

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

12:00-13:00, Fanuc Room, 6120 Etcheverry Hall

Amaresh Sahu (Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley)

Irreversible thermodynamics of curved lipid membranes: Theory and computation

Monday, November 26, 2018

12:30-13:30, 3110 Etcheverry Hall

Prof. Stephen Morris (Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley)

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Prof. Graham Fleming (Vice Chancellor for Research, UC Berkeley)

Prof. Eliot Quataert on behalf of The Theoretical Astrophysics Center and the Astronomy Department (UC Berkeley)

Prof. Philip S. Marcus on behalf of the Mechanical Engineering Department (UC Berkeley)

Prof. Michael Manga (Earth and Planetary Science, UC Berkeley)

Prof. Evan Variano (Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley)

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